Fourteen different agencies have a hand in Naples public transportation system under the coordination of Consorzio Unico Campania, which has brought all of these companies together under one ticketing system called Unico Campania. Naples public transportation system includes city and regional buses and trams and intercity and regional metro, cable railway and railway services  that move passengers around the city and in and out of its major suburbs in the greater Campania Region.

Because there are so many agencies involved and each agency publishes their own system maps, I’ve yet to come across a really good integrated map of the entire system. But for transportation within the city there are two very good maps, the Naples Consolidated Metro Map published by the Naples Rotary Club and the Naples Integrated Transport Network Guide (Gira Napoli con Unico Guida alla rete integrata dei trasporti di Napoli) published by UnicoCampania. You can pick one up at any Information Point in the City or check out the ABC Napoli online version.

Consorzio Unico Campania Intercity Lines

ANM Bus System
Intercity and suburban buses and trams


Metronapoli Metro and Cable Railway Lines

Metro Line 1
Piazza Dante ↔ Piscinola
Intercity metro line between the city center at Piazza Dante and the northern district of Piscinola

Metro Line 6
Mostra ↔ Mergellina
Intercity metro line between the western district of Fuorigrotta and Mergellina

Cable Railway Lines – I Funicolari
Cable Railway lines connecting the city center with the hill districts of Vomero and Posillipo

Metro Line 2
Pozzuoli ↔ Napoli Gianturco
Intercity metro line connecting the western suburb of Pozzuoli with the eastern district at Gianturco via the Central Train Station

Regional Metro
Montesanto ↔ Torregaveta
Regional railway lines connecting the city center with the Western suburbs in the Phleghrean Fields

Consorzio Unico Campania Suburban Lines

Regional railway lines connecting the city center with the Eastern suburbs around Mount Vesuvius, including Pomepeii, Herculaneum and Sorrento.

MetroCampania NordEst
Regional railway lines connecting the city center with the Northern suburbs. Metrocampani Nordest operates three lines:
Napoli ↔ Caserta ↔ Piedimonte
Napoli ↔ Cancello ↔ Benevento
Napoli ↔ Giugliano↔ Aversa

Compagnia Trasporti Pubblici
Bus service between Naples and city centers around Caserta. Several buses run along the same routes as ANM buses and can be boarded with a UnicoNapoli ticket. Of interest is the A4R that can be taken from Piazza Garibalid to IKEA.

AIR Autoservizi Irpinia
Bus service between Naples Capodichino Airport and Avellino. Buses leave approximately every hour 300 meters from terminal 1.

Compagnia Trasporti Irpinia
Bus service around Avellino city center and its suburbs.

Azienda Mobilità Sannio Trasporti
Bus service around Benevento city center and its suburbs.

Azienda Casertana Mobilità e Servizi
Bus service around Caserta city center and its suburbs.

EAV Bus was founded in 2008 to consolidate bus lines formerly run by Circumvesuviana, S.E.P.S.A. and Metrocampania Nordest. They operate numerous routes throughout the Campania region including a Pompeii to Vesuvius bus that operates June through October.

Azienda della Mobilità di Salerno e Provincia
Bus service around Salerno city center and its suburbs.

Regional bus service covering Naples, Avellino, Salerno and the Amalfi Coast


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